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Need a back up generator? Sharpie will be just that for you. His purrs sound like a motor. Just pet him and he starts rumbling. Sharpie is 70% couch potato, 30% playful. When he is in a playful moody he gets pretty goofy, dashing and diving under a pillow or cushion, pretending to hide.

Sharpie loves to sleep right by your head, but he never disturbs your sleep. He enjoys his daily routine; breakfast, followed by exploring and playing until lunchtime. After lunch, it's naptime and quiet time until dinnertime. He gets active again around 8:00 pm until bedtime. Most of all he loves chin rubs and being petted.

Sharpie is just over a year old, but has faced a lot of hardship in his short life. It takes him a moment to trust and feel comfortable. Loud noises make him startle so a moderate-quiet home would be ideal.

With time and a bit of patience, Sharpie will be an excellent companion and provide so much joy each day.

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