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Oscar loves to begin his day with snuggles in bed after a night of sleeping curled up against his foster mom. After morning cuddles he is ready to begin his day with playtime of course! Oscar LOVES to play. He also enjoys his duties as neighborhood bird window monitor. He can spend hours looking out the window.

Oscar makes the cutest noises! He lets his foster know it's time to take a break from work by chirping. Easily Oscar's cutest trait is that he loves being picked up for hugs (scooped up so his paws are over your shoulder and your arm is holding him up). When he wants a hug he simply yells at his foster.

Oscar is three years old and a tripod kitty. He gets along well with other cats. He is playful, loving and very curious. Sometimes too curious (keep your scrunchies locked away!). Oscar would do well in a home with someone around often, playtime, and nighttime cuddles.

There's so much more to share about this sweet boy. Interested in learning more? Submit an application here

Oscar is eligible for a foster-to-adopt.

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