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Mitzie and Flash are such a special duo. Mitzie has her moments of playfulness, but is mostly a mellow gal. She’s most at ease with her BFF Flash and they will often chase each other around the house. Her favorite activities include playing with a laser pointer, running on the cat wheel (see video)--she is very committed to her workout routine-- and hanging out with her partner in crime, Flash.

Mitzie loves having her back scratched and will arch her back when you pet her. When she’s feeling playful, she’ll roll around on the floor like she’s swimming. We call this her mermaid mode and it is so cute.

Flash has the tiniest little meow for a bigger cat. He likes to play independently, but will engage with you if you offer him a teaser toy.

Flash needs a patient human who will let him get comfortable with his surroundings. It’s been really sweet, to see his bond with Mitzie. These two are best buds and really do put each other at ease.

They get along with other cats, use the litter box consistently and are a great balance of energy and quiet time.

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