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KaCey is a sweet and clever young 'Cowgirl'! She is friendly and loving. KaCey enjoys being pet, held, and rubbing her head against her foster mom's hand.

KaCey has a unusual story. She was found by a kind lady in a cabinet in her kitchen one morning with her newborn kittens (yes you read that right!). This woman had never seen KaCey before and we believe she climbed into the home via pipes. She was fittingly named KaCey after K(kitchen) C(cabinet)!

KaCey is a low-energy cat for being just two years old. She does enjoy jumping up to catch the occasional wand toy.

This two year old girl is so gentle and low maintenance. She will let you know with her sweet meows if she's hungry or wants some attention, but mostly, she will happily co-exist with her humans.

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