Delray and Myers

Delray and Myers

Delray and Myers' story is one of resilience, friendship, and love.

Delray and Myers were in two different shelters in Florida when Hurricane Ian hit. A few days after the storm they boarded a bus with close to a hundred other animals and traveled north across the country. When they arrived in Chicago they met for the first time. They have been best friends ever since and are both confident and affectionate despite their tumultuous first few months of life.

Delray is the black/white kitten and is about four months and Myers is all grey and is three months.

Delray will start to purr the moment you touch her. When her foster feeds the fish she meows until she is picked up so she can watch. Myers loves ear scratches and cuddles. Not only do Delray and Myers groom each other they also groom their foster by licking her! They love to play together and are currently obsessed with boxes.

Delray and Myers are ready to make one final move and land in their forever home.